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Charlie's House


Charlie's House



Kitchen. I thought it looked so cute! I don't remember this detail, but supposedly in the book the cabinets are yellow. I think the green looks very nice as well.



Kitchen. Don't you just love the fish above the stove? Definitely the house of a single man.



Kitchen. Breakfast nook, I guess you would say. I imagine many conversations with Charlie and Bella and Edward will take place at this table.



Dining room. Bills and papers scattered on the table, those are Charlie's boots on newspaper, and lots of knick knacks in the built-in cabinets.



Looking from the dining room into the family room.



Family room. It's perfect. The couch, the recliner, the tv, the fireplace. Done. The mess in front of the couch is a bunch of paint cans and stuff. Like I said, they were still working on the place when we were there.



Looking from the family room back into the dining room. Another big fish. I love all the details, including a cooler sitting under the lamp table. Always at hand so Charlie can grab it whenever the itch to go fishing catches him.



Stairs. On the entryway.



Charlie's bedroom. Lots of plaid. Lots of mess. I love the dirty sock on the floor next to the bed!
In the house Charlie & Bella's bedrooms are right next to each other. Which feels kinda weird -- especially considering all the goings on that happens in Bella's room.



Charlie's Room. Police badges/patches.



Bella's Room. The Edward Window. The big tree in the backyard leans towards this window. But see all that evergreen stuff right outside the window? That's just some baby pine trees and branches that have been shoved into an arbor that hangs over the back porch/patio. I guess they really want it to look thick & forested out there. I don't know.



Bella's Room. Another window on an adjacent wall. Closet to the left. And chair on the right. I'm assuming that's where all her clothes will be piled. :)



Bella's Room. Her bulletin board. When we left the house Paige said that we should've added something else to the bulletin board. I wonder if anyone would have noticed and it ended up in the movie!



Bella's Room. Up close of her childhood artwork.



Bella's Room. More artwork.



Bella's Room. Her dresser. Hello me!



Bella's Room. The Edward Window. See what I'm talking about with the branches? Kinda interesting.



Bella's Room.



Down the stairs. There are three picture frames on the left wall with collage mats. All the photos are of a man, woman, and little girl, and have that late 1980's kinda look. But none of the people in the pictures look like the actual actors for Charlie, Renee, and Bella. I'm sure because they are small and probably will only be seen in passing, or from a distance, they just found some random stock photos and filled it up.



The front door. I know, boring picture.



What you see when you walk in the front door. I like the wooden bear statue there to greet you. This place just screams middle-aged bachelor.



Bella's Room. Another perspective.



Bella's Room. Fuzzy picture -- but I'm sitting at her desk. I'm sure there will be a computer sitting there soon and Bella will be checking her e-mails from Renee and complaining about her lousy dial-up connection.



Bella's Room. By her night stand. Boots and Great Expectations. For a while I thought that was her favorite book, but then I remembered it was Wuthering Heights. Right?



Family Room. Pictures on the fireplace mantle.



Family Room. Gotta love the decor.



Dining Room. One of the built-in cabinets.



Dining Room. The Auto Trader magazine sitting on the table, open to a page full of red trucks.



Kitchen. Me, at the breakfast table. On the far right, that yellow pie plate looking thing, is a clay project created by Bella in her younger years that says "I Love You Daddy" in blue paint.



Kitchen. Paige enjoying the view in the kitchen.

Bella's Housed 032


Kitchen. Me, cookin' up something good. Just imagine -- Bella will be standing right here cooking dinner for Charlie!